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Lead a team on the adventure of a lifetime and bring clean water to Bomet County, Kenya.

Be a Dig Deep Team Leader - "You could never regret it!"

Inspire. Recruit. Motivate. Fundraise. Develop. Achieve. Empower. Experience. Remember.


Gain a year of leadership experience as an ambassador for Dig Deep on this exciting personal and professional development opportunity.

Recruit and support your own team of like-minded adventurers before travelling to East Africa to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure together.

Be rewarded for your efforts as a Team Leader with the opportunity for discounted travel and the chance to visit our charity projects in Kenya made possible by your teams fundraising.

As a charity, we run these trips in house to raise the funds to reach our charitable mission and our Volunteer Team Leader play a huge part in helping us to achieve this.
As a Team Leader you will not only develop key transferable skills and have the experience of a lifetime in East Africa, but you will help to raise thousands of pounds to bring clean water to communities of Bomet County, Kenya where 65% of people currently lack access to a safe and reliable water supply.

There are two incredible challenges for you to choose from...



Challenge yourself to summit the highest free-standing mountain in the world standing at 5895m above sea level. Trek 6 days through varied landscapes, terrains and ecological zones. Unite as a team to achieve something extraordinary and make memories to last a lifetime.

Mount Kenya

Unlock your adventurous side and witness the untouched beauty of this hidden gem. This 5 day trek passes high tarns and rock spires with a whole host of native wildlife visible throughout this lush green landscape. Unite as a team to reach the summit and watch the sunrise across the vast African plains.

Our Team Leaders have 3 key responsibilities: to inspire, to recruit and to support.

We reward our Team Leaders for their hard work with no registration fees to pay, reduced fundraising targets in line with recruited team size and the opportunity to visit our projects in Kenya on an exclusive trip.

Download the role description of your chosen challenge to see a full description of the role responsibilities as well as the associated benefits to you.



Get the word out about this epic challenge and where the fundraising will go by being an ambassador for Dig Deep.


You will be helping to raise £1000s and making a lasting difference to communities in Bomet county, Kenya. To read more about what your fundraising will do click here.


By driving our tried and tested recruitment campaign you will assemble an amazing team who you will lead to the Heights of Africa.


Not only will your team take on an epic challenge which you will remember forever but you will also raise thousands for Dig Deep's projects in Kenya.


With our help you will support your team mates in reaching their individual fundraising targets and taking on their mountain adventure.


Along the way you will gain valuable leadership, communication and event management experience for yourself.

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