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Dig Deep Challenges

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Take on our epic mountain challenge of Kilimanjaro all organised by us in house, or immerse yourself in the cultural and historic landmarks of Machu Picchu or Dana to Petra offered by Endeavours Adventures in support of Dig Deep.

Keen for a challenge a little closer to home but still want that incredible sense of achievement. Take on one of our UK/European challenges and test yourself both physically and mentally all in aid of raising money for Dig Deep.

Looking to develop yourself whilst inspiring and motivating a team of like-minded people through a fun-filled year of fundraising culminating in one epic adventure? Then apply to be one of our amazing Volunteer Team Leaders!



Lead a Team


Our Partners

' The Dig Deep team is so dedicated to making the experience for students an exceptional one. The support and communication that the team has given us as a Rag and our students are amazing. They offer personalised fundraising help and the fact that most of the team have taken on the challenge themselves means they can truly prepare the teams for their trip. We love working with them and encouraging our students to support their incredible cause.'

RAG Community Lead | Loughborough (LSU) RAG


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We hold ourselves to the highest of ethical standards, going above and beyond to ensure all our challenges are fair and safe.

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"After summiting Kilimanjaro with Dig Deep it took me only 2 days to sign up for the Mount Kenya challenge taking place the following year. Both were experiences I will never forget and I can't recommend enough."


Want to find out more about Simon's experience? Get in touch.

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