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Team Leader Resources

Important Information

About Dig Deep

Find out everything you need to know about Dig Deep

Fundraising Handbook

Your guide to everything to do with fundraising

Public Collection Guidelines

Read these before completing any collection

Collection Tin Sticker

Replace the sticker on your tin or use it to make your own

Cost Breakdown

Have a look at this document for a rough breakdown of your trip!

Top tips from Ela and Harriet

A letter from Ela and Harriet with top tips!

Gambling Policy

Read this before running any gambling event 

Timeline of the year

A brief overview of the fundraising year

Code of Conduct

Read this code of conduct before you start fundraising

Impact Report

Find out what Dig Deep has been up to over the past year

Team leader documents

TL Handbook

A guide to everything you will need to know as a Team Leader

Plan a Team Social

Read this for some information about holding your first social. 

Welcome Pack

Welcome to your role as a team leader

Team fundraising

Team fundraising events are great for team building!

Recruiting a Team

How will you recruit your team?

Department email

This document has key email to send to department heads

Support Your Team

A few tips on how to support your team

Team Leader Agreement

Break down of TL discount and benefits

Fundraising Letters

Sending in Money

Use this form when sending us your donations

Letter Template

Use this template when approaching venues about events or companies about sponsorship.

Fundraising Media

Cover Photos

Perfect for Facebook!

Mount Kenya

Post these everywhere on your social media!


Stick these up at your events​!


Post these everywhere on your social media!


You can use these when promoting your events/challenge



A presentation for all ages!

High School

Perfect for a high school non uniform day

Primary School

Perfect for a primary school non uniform day

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