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Lead a Team

Become a Kilimanjaro Team Leader - "You could never regret it!"

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Gain leadership experience by recruiting and supporting a team of like-minded adventurers.

Fundraise throughout the year together, raising money to bring clean water to Kenya's poorest residents.


Head off on the adventure of a lifetime to conquer Kilimanjaro.


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Get the word out about this epic challenge and where the fundraising will go by being an ambassador for Dig Deep.


You will be helping to raise £1000s and make a lasting difference to communities in Bomet county, Kenya. To read more about what your fundraising will do click here.


Drive our tried and tested recruitment campaign to assemble an amazing team of like-minded adventurers to join you on this Kilimanjaro challenge.


Not only will your team take on an epic challenge, which you will remember forever, but you will also raise £1000s for Dig Deep's projects.


With our help you will support your team mates in reaching their individual fundraising targets and taking on their mountain adventure.


Along the way you will gain valuable leadership, communication and event management experience for yourself.

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Francesca "Chezi" Coughlan


“I applied to be a Team Leader because I wanted be involved in some form of fundraising after Uni and applying to Dig Deep was the best decision I could have made. It’s been so much fun spreading the word and recruiting a team of like-minded individuals. Now I get to witness the incredible results of everyone’s fundraising and the positive impact it will have. The passion and support of the whole team has blown me away, you really do become a part of the Dig Deep Family from Day 1 and I know I will continue to support them in the future. ”


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