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Event Organiser:

Dates & Locations:

Jump Type:

Registration Fee:

Min. Fundraising target:

Skyline Events

See below


£70 payable at the time of booking to Skyline Events.

£395 which covers your jump costs and a minimum charity donation of £125 to Dig Deep.

Any fundraising over the £395 goes straight to Dig Deep.


Choose own jump date and location
£395 fundraising target due 2 weeks before jump date

* If you wish to take on the Skydive to help you fundraise for one of our larger challenges (e.g. Kilimanjaro) then you will need to either:

a) cover the full costs of your jump costs yourself (£70 reg fee + £220-£270 depending on jump location) and then any fundraising you do can go towards your fundraising target


b) if you wish to fundraise for your jump costs, be aware that only what you raise above these costs (£220-£270 depending on jump location) will count towards your fundraising target (minimum £125 of the £395 minimum fundraising target).

The Ultimate Adrenalin Rush Challenge

There is simply no greater thrill than free-falling from over 10,000ft through the clouds at over 120mph!

With our Tandem Skydive, organised through Skyline Events, you can pick your preferred date and location and then complete your training and jump with a qualified British Parachuting Association Instructor in one day - it's that simple!


Not only will you have the experience of a lifetime but your fundraising will help Dig Deep continue to accelerate access to water, sanitation and hygiene to the 1 million residents of Bomet County, Kenya.

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