Signing up

What does the fundraising target cover for the challenges?

Kilimanjaro - £2700 - this is split 50:50 between the charitable donation and the costs associated with your climb

Donation: £1350 of what you raise is a donation to Dig Deep, helping us to transform lives by providing schools and communities with access to clean water and sanitation.

Climb costs: £1350 goes towards the costs of the challenge and the programme. This includes all your climb costs (crew, tent, food, water), relevant in country transport costs, in country support staff and accommodation for one night before and one night after the climb.

For a full breakdown of what is and isn’t included in your fundraising target visit here.

Mount Kenya - £2600 - this is split 50:50 between the charitable donation and the costs associated with your climb

Donation: £1300 of what you raise is a donation to Dig Deep, helping us to transform lives by providing schools and communities with access to taps and toilets.

Costs: £1300 goes towards the costs of the challenge and the programme. This includes all your climb costs (crew, trek accommodation, food, water), relevant in country transport costs, in country support staff and accommodation for one night before and one night after the climb.

For a full breakdown of what is and isn’t included in your fundraising target visit here.

What is the registration fee and what does it cover?

The registration fees for our international challenges are split in to two instalments. Everyone will need to pay £195 when they sign up and a second instalment of £200 is due at the end of January. There is the opportunity to not pay a second instalment. For example when you sign up you will be given a referral code, if you share this with a friend and they sign up with your referral code you will both receive a £50 discount on your 2nd registration fee instalment. So share it with four people and you won’t have to pay a second instalment at all!

Part of the registration fee supports the salaries, expenses and materials produced to support your fundraising such as sending out your welcome packs, supporting you, your team and team leader during the year, and the cost associated with visiting your team. The other part covers the administrative costs associated with organising the challenge and enables us to begin making arrangements early with our overseas suppliers.

We are able to offer this discount on the second registration fee instalment as we can get better prices for the bookings in Tanzania if more people sign up. Our suppliers in Tanzania are able to negotiate the best prices for the trip when they have more people coming and ideally they want to make the bookings with final numbers.

What happens if I sign up and then decide not to go on the challenge?

We offer a 14 day cooling off period after registration in which a fundraiser can choose to withdraw from the challenge and request a refund of their registration fee. If a fundraiser chooses to withdraw from the challenge within 14 working days we would kindly request they return the welcome pack if it has already been sent out.

We are unable to offer a refund on the registration fee if you decide to drop out of the challenge after 14 working days.

Should you drop out of the challenge after signing up, all fundraising completed up to that point should be forwarded to Dig Deep, or returned to donors. Any money already submitted to Dig Deep prior to the decision is not refundable and is considered to be a gift made to the charity, unless it was specified as a contribution towards the costs of the trip when the payment was made. At Dig Deep’s discretion, fundraisers will have the option to defer their place on the challenge to the following year and all fundraising completed so far can be carried over to the new challenge in line with the terms and conditions agreed to upon registration.

How do I sign up?

Head over to the respective challenge page (Kilimanjaro www.climbforcleanwater.org/kilimanjarochallenge or Mount Kenya www.climbforcleanwater.org/mtkenya) and follow the sign up link which will take you to the registration process!


Where can I find the fundraising resources?

All fundraising resources can be found here. On the page you will find lots to help you with planning events, talking about Dig Deep and media assets such as presentations and photos. For any further fundraising assistance don’t hesitate to contact the team on support@digdeep.org.uk.

How strict are the deadlines and can I get an extension?

It is imperative that you reach both of the deadlines to secure your place on the trip. These deadlines allow us to pay for the trip costs and are therefore non-negotiable and we are unable to offer any extensions.

I am going to talk on local radio/TV about Dig Deep, can you help?

Talking on local radio or TV station is a great way to get the word out about your challenge. Get in touch with us so we can make sure that you have all the information that you need about Dig Deep and your challenge before you are interviewed.

Does Gift Aid count towards my target?

As Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows charities to reclaim tax back on donation made by British Tax payers and we are unable to include it in your fundraising target. However, it is great if you can encourage people to Gift Aid as it will greatly improve the impact of their donation.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, we do, please get in touch with a member of the team so we can check your event will be covered by our Public Liability Insurance. If so, we will provide you with the correct documentation.

If I contribute my own money to hit the fundraising target, can I continue to fundraise and simply keep the funds raised to ‘make up’ the funds I have contributed?

The charity cannot condone this type of fundraising activity simply because the funds will not be passed onto the charity. If you do choose to engage in this type of fundraising you must be clear with your donors that the funds will be kept by yourself and not passed onto the charity.

Why do you use Enthuse and how can I set up my page?

Enthuse offers us the best value as a fundraising platform meaning more of your donations can be used for charity purposes. Other fundraising platforms charge commission on each donation which can amount to £1,000’s a year. All of our challenge fundraisers will have a page automatically set up within Enthuse when they register, but if you would like to set up a page for another event then just click here!

Something has gone wrong with my Enthuse page, what can I do?

You can contact the Enthuse team by calling their help desk on 020 3872 2090 - open 9am-5:30pm on working days, or email info@enthuse.co.uk. They respond quickly and should be able to help you with any issue you have with your page. If a donation has not appeared straight away it often goes into reconciliation and will be sorted overnight - please give it at least 12 hours.

Some of the people that I hope will support me live outside of the UK, will they be able to donate to my Enthuse page?

That’s no problem. Anyone, anywhere in the world can access Enthuse and make donations online.

The only thing to be aware of is that payment is taken in pounds sterling and that donors will only be able to claim Gift Aid if they pay tax in the UK. Therefore, the amount donated by your non-UK supporters will vary and be subject to the exchange rate of their currency against the pound sterling at the time of their transaction.

Alternatively we can provide you with our bank details for your donors to directly transfer the funds to the charity and then we can assign this money to your fundraising page.

What should I do with cheques?

Any cheques made out to Dig Deep should be sent to us so we can cash them in. Send your cheque to: Dig Deep, 2 Rushdale Close, Sheffield, S8 9QB.

We will then bank the cheque and make a note of the cheque on the account we have for your fundraising total on our system. The cheque will then be added as an offline donation to your fundraising page by a member of the Dig Deep team.

What should I do with cash that I recieve?

You have two options for getting the cash to Dig Deep: you can either go to the bank and deposit the cash in our account using our account details (which can be found below) or you can keep the cash yourself and donate the same amount to your own fundraising page using your bank card. We ask that you hand over cash to Dig Deep promptly.

What are the bank details for Dig Deep?

Account Name: Dig Deep Challenges

Sort code: 40-52-40

Account Number: 00023661

Bank: CAF Bank.

Please make sure you reference your payment with your full name

For any international payments please use the following details.

Bank name: CAF Bank

Name on account: Dig Deep Challenges

Sort code number: 40-52-40

Account number: 00023661

SWIFT code: CAFBGB21xxx

IBAN number: GB61CAFB40524000023661

Branch address: CAF Bank Ltd, 25 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME194JQ

Unfortunately, to receive an international payment into our account our bank charge us a fee of £6.00 for every transaction so please add £6 on to the amount you’re paying.

Can my donors get a reciept?

Yes, please get in touch with us via support@digdeep.org.uk and we can provide your donor with a receipt.

Can I get a letter confirming that I am fundraising for Dig Deep?

We are happy to send you a letter of authority, so just get in touch with us! We can provide you with any supporting documents you may need.

Can donations be refunded?

Please see our donation refunds policy here.

Your Challenge

Can I change my trip date?

There may be a possibility of switching dates, but we need to check the availability on different dates. Please email your query to support@digdeep.org.uk

Is there somewhere I can find all the pre-departure information for my trip?

Yes! Just have a look here at the pre-departure webpage for your respective international challenge. You will find all of the information about your climb, flights, visas, insurance, kit, vaccinations and so on. Have a read of this page, if you need anything clarifying just get in touch with one of the team.

Do you offer extension packages after the climbs?

Our wonderful local Tanzanian suppliers, Trek2Kili and African Scenic Safaris, design and organise some incredible optional travel packages for your groups to purchase for after your Kilimanjaro climb. Likewise for Mount Kenya we work with your local Kenyan supplier, Heritage of African Jungles to organise an amazing value for money safari and trip to Diani on the Kenyan coast to provide you with the option for a complete East African experience. Head to climbforcleanwater.org/extension-travel to see the packages for Kilimanjaro.

Should I be worried about Terroism?

The wellbeing and safety of our fundraisers is paramount. As we have staff in Kenya and our local supplier partners in Tanzania we are constantly monitoring the Foreign Commonwealth Office to ensure that they are working in a safe environment. If you or your family are worried about security, we would be more than happy to speak on the phone.

Is there going to be wifi/electricity on the mountain?

No, there will be no electricity or WIFI on the mountains. We recommend that you take a portable power pack (solar or battery) and inform your families that you will contact them after you have finished your climb.

When will I find out the dates for my trip?

The dates of your trip will be confirmed once registrations close and group sizes are known after which equally sized groups will be allocated to dates. For our Kilimanjaro challenges this will be on or before 13th December 2021 once the registration deadline has passed on 30th November 2021.

Are there trained medical staff on the mountain crew? Do they have experience in specialised support?

All of the Head Guides on your climb have been medically trained and specialise in altitude sickness and emergency descents holding Wilderness First Aid with CPR certifications. All Head Guides are equipped with first aid kits and also have access to emergency medical equipment on the mountain and will be in contact with support services at the base of the mountain. The crew that will be looking after you know the mountain inside out and have supported hundreds of climbers; they are experts when it comes to spotting altitude sickness symptoms and treating ill climbers. You are in very safe hands!

If you require any specialist support, we can ask our suppliers to hand pick guides which have experience in supporting climbers with particular needs. If you require individual support throughout the trek, we can assign an assistant guide to just support you.

I have a severe allergy, will this be okay?

If you have a severe allergy you need to discuss this with your doctor and also ensure that you notify the challenges team.

We will then notify our suppliers who will make sure that the chef is aware of any allergies within the team so they can create a menu that steers clear of any foods that would make you ill.

If your question is not answered on this page then please email support@digdeep.org.uk and one of the team will get back to you.