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Getting started

Fundraising Resources

Our top tips, favourite ideas, and step-by-step guides. Everything you need to kickstart your fundraising!

Using your networks

How to make the most of your networks by planning events in the workplace, at university or with your local community.


Fundraising in the community

Our favourite community fundraising ideas, including fundraising at schools, in supermarkets and more! 


Fundraising online

Our top tips for reaching new audiences and making the most of your online community.

Fundraising at work

How to make the most of fundraising at your workplace and gaining the support of your colleagues


Fundraising at University

All the best ways to fundraise whilst you are away studying at university.

Step-by-step guides

Event planning made simple! Follow our step-by-step guides to plan your first football tournament, charity ball, pub quiz, bake sale and many more.

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Pub Quiz


1-3 hours    £100-£300

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Charity ball


5-10 hrs    £500-£1500


Bake sale


1-3 hours    £100-£300

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Football Tournament


3-5 hours    £300-£800

Fundraising guides A-Z >>>

Join an event

Take on one of our UK based events as part of your fundraising.

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Tough Mudder

Skydive Image 2.jpg


South West Coast 50 Challenge 2.jpg

Ultra Challenge

Hear from our fundraisers

Take inspiration from some of our top fundraisers and learn what worked best for them! Find out more on our blog >>>

Important information

Code of Conduct.


Please read this thoroughly to make sure that you are staying safe and legal whilst fundraising for Dig Deep.

Public Collection 


If you wish to do any form of public collection (including street and door to door) then please ensure you read and adhere to our policy. 

Dig Deep's Gambling Policy.

If you are planning on hosting a fundraising event for Dig Deep that involves any kind of gambling then please make sure you adhere to our policy.

Event Plan Template.

Whatever the event this template will talk you through the steps to planning and hosting a successful fundraiser. 

If you have questions about anything on this page just get in touch! 

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